Cranfold Physical Therapy Centre’s Back School

Many of our patients come to us here at Cranfold Physical Therapy Centre complaining of ongoing low back pain which is affecting their daily activities, and stopping them doing the things they enjoy.

It may be suggested that Cranfold’s Back School is the best course of treatment.

What is Back School?

Full Initial Assessment and initial treatment one to one with one of our Chartered Physiotherapists. This allows them to take your full medical history, find out about your pain and arrange the best course of treatment for you.

5 Sessions of Back School– Each weekly session comprises 30 minutes’ education and a 30 minute exercise program.

This gives you the knowledge and the tools to look after your back

What will I learn at Back School?

Each session will cover a different topic for the education segment:

  1. Inside the Spine
  2. Coping Strategies
  3. Effective medication
  4. Health Spine Movement – Do’s and Don’ts
  5. Therapies – What’s out there? What works?

You will then be taken through a range of exercises, progressing each week under the expert guidance of our Chartered Physiotherapist.


Sessions are taught by Karen Love, Chartered Physiotherapist. With 20 years’ experience, she works in NHS Back Pain Clinic and Acupuncture Clinics in Dorking, as well as treating private patients and teaching Clinical Pilates classes in Cranleigh and Dorking.


Friday mornings at 10.45am. Starting January 2015.


Cranfold Physical Therapy Centre, 107 High Street, Cranleigh, GU6 8AU.


Phone for your initial assessment  appointment on 01483 267747


£98 (includes Initial Assessment and all 5 Back School sessions)

What else do I need to know?

Flexibility and minimal waiting times to join a class. Patients can join the sessions at any point in the 5 week cycle, and attend them in any order, so there is no need to wait for a new cycle to begin.

High supervision levels – We have a maximum of 7 patients per session allowing for individual exercise correction and opportunities to ask questions.

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