Race weekend will soon be upon us. Hopefully you have been following the advice given in our previous two marathon preparation posts and are feeling ready and confident for the weekend ahead!


  • Don’t go to bed too early
  • Sort out your vest, chip and pin on your number


  • Eat breakfast by 7.30am – food you are used to
  • Be in control of your journey
  • Wear old t-shirts and carry a bin liner in case of rain
  • Queue for the pre-race toilets before you need them
  • Consider if you really need to run with earphones!
  • Tie your shoelaces with a double knot and tuck loose ends under the lace webbing
  • If you are held up by other runners in the early stages, resist the temptation to weave through the field – it wastes a lot of energy
  • However slow the early miles feel, you are almost certainly going too quickly. Execute your plan with discipline.
  • Use a pace bracelet and decide whether you are running the race in kilometres or miles
  • During the race, when drinking either water or Lucozade, stop if you need to. Being properly hydrated is far more important than saving odd seconds here and there by trying to run and drink if you find this difficult.
  • Prevailing London winds are from the West – against you in the last 6 miles – tuck in behind other runners as it does make it easier.


  • Try to eat within 20 minutes of finishing – particularly protein
  • Try to run half a mile that evening to ease stiffness. I know you won’t do this but it does work!
  • Dismiss immediate thoughts that you never want to run a marathon again – such foolish ideas will disappear like snow in July!

We’d love to hear how you get on – do get in touch and let us know your race times and success stories!

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