Erica Gethen-Smith is a dedicated and experienced Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher who is launching a new concept class exclusively here in Cranfold.  With a background in classical dance and love of yoga her class will aim to improve your overall flexibility.

PhysioFit:Stretch will involve simple choreographed sequences of both dynamic and static stretches and will be individualised for all ages and levels of fitness. During the programme you will progress from simple to more complex stretches and sustained postures which may:-


address muscle imbalances and tissue shortening

improve the function, flexibility and strength of joints

help to reduce the chance of injury

improve posture

improve biomechanics and normal movement patterns

promote the release and reduction of muscular tension

aid relaxation


Starting Monday 30th October 10.45-11:45

£5  for a 30 minute taster sessions available on
Monday 23rd October 10.45am & Thursday 26th October 3pm

Course consists of 6 one hour sessions, £70 payable in advance or £12.50 weekly


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