Friday 10th November at 11am


Respiratory Physiotherapist Claire Mott

3 Grove House, Foundry Lane, Horsham


Do you have a persistent cough? suffer with asthma? frequently sigh or yawn? feel breathless? suffer with anxiety or panic attacks? have stiffness around your ribs? always exhausted? hyperventilate? asthma? bronchitis? emphysema? panic attacks? COPD>

If you suffer with even one of these symptoms then this course can help you.
Week by week you will learn about the cause of these symptoms, and practice techniques to begin to eliminate them, taking the first steps to a symptom free life.

PhysioFit:breathe is taught by our expert Respiratory Physio, Claire Mott. With 20 years’ of experience in the NHS and NZ working with respiratory patients, Claire uses many techniques including those from Buteyko and Bradcliff.

£60 for six week course

For further information call 01403 721050

Claire is also available for 1:1 treatments and is Bupa registered.

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