Welcome back to our 2nd installment of our Countdown to the London and Brighton Marathons, giving you advice and tips from London Everpresent and World Record holder, Chris Finill. If you missed our first post see it here


  • Wash your socks and vests
  • Learn the course – check out Youtube
  • Ease off completely from running for the last 4 days so you’re fresh on the day
  • Carb load from Thursday for 3 days – rice, potatoes, pasta. Put a little extra salt on your last meal on Saturday evening
  • Trim your toenails
  • Be honest with yourself about the time you’re aiming for:

10k time        Rough guide to Marathon time

40min                       3.05

50min                       3.50

60min                       4.35

70min                       5.50

  • As a rule of thumb, every minute you ‘save’ by running too quickly in the first of the race will result in 2-3 minutes ADDED to your finishing time.

Our final post will be up in just a few days to guide you through the final weekend and race day itself!

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