Following the success or Amy’s PhysioFit:Equestrian course in Cranleigh we are now pleased to be able to offer this course in Horsham.

Amy is an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist and Equine Physiotherapist and a dedicated horse rider and Pilate’s teacher; she is launching a new concept PhysioFit class exclusively for horse riders here in Cranfold.

PhysioFit:Equestrian will involve Pilates based core strengthening as well as strength and conditioning exercises in a small and controlled group, tailored to your needs to become a more flexible, balanced, stronger, straighter and more stable horse rider in the future.

The class will aim to:-

Address muscle imbalances and tissue flexibility;

Improve functional strength and activation of the key core muscles;

Reduce spinal stiffness and improve shoulder stability;

Help to reduce the chance of injury and rider aches and pains;

Improve riding balance and rider aid effectiveness;

Develop better body awareness, riding posture and elegance in the saddle;

& help you to perform yard tasks more safely and efficiently

30 min taster session, Friday 10th August 12.30pm £10 per session

New 6 week course starts Friday 17th August, £97 for the course or £18 per week

For further information call 01403 721050


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