Woodland Fitness Centre

Cranleigh School Centre

Appointment availability and Booking Procedure

Treatments for Cranleigh School pupils take place in the Woodland Fitness Centre at the Senior School daily during term times with Georgina Taylor*, Ben Steele-Turner* and Glen Lewis*. All of our physiotherapists are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are CRB checked. In the holidays treatments are available in our High Street premises in Cranleigh, or we will liaise with your local physiotherapist for on-going treatment at home.

*on occasion, another Cranfold Physiotherapist will cover the session at School, but only CRB checked and suitably qualified physios will be asked to do this.

Pupils are usually referred by the School Doctor, however if you are self- funding a doctor’s referral is not required and you can contact Cranfold direct to arrange an appointment. If the Doctor has made the referral, the School Nurses will contact you for your consent to provide physiotherapy treatment. Cranfold will then make an appointment which will be emailed to the House Matron who will inform the pupil at callover first thing in the morning and again at lunchtime.

Subsequent treatments are arranged directly between the pupil and the physio in order to try and avoid taking pupils out of lessons, and wherever possible, treatments are arranged during games or free/study sessions. House Matron will also be emailed when the appointment is made and the day before.

The pupil will then be given an appointment card. They are asked to contact us or advise Matron if they are unable to attend otherwise a charge may be made. In the event of non-attendance, every effort is made to contact the child via their house/matron/mobile phone before any charge is made. Please note Insurers will not pay for a missed appointment.

Further Information

We are aware that it may be difficult for you to know what form of treatment your child is having and which exercises they have been given, particularly when they are boarders. We are therefore very happy to discuss this with you. Please don’t hesitate to phone the practice to speak to your child’s physio.

Return 2 Play

Cranfold is delighted to be partnering with Return2Play https://www.return2play.org.uk/

to continue our association with Cranleigh School, where we have delivered physio treatment to pupils for 22 years.

Through Return2Play, and supported by Dr Sam Barke (Sports Physician), our physios have expanded their role to also provide pitch side physio for first team rugby as well as run daily MSK triage clinics in the medical centre at school. Here we assess new injuries as soon as possible, offering immediate physio intervention and advice, often having seen the pupil at the pitch side first. This early direct access to our physios allows pupils to get an immediate diagnosis, appropriate investigations/onward referral if required, and to let them know what to be doing (and not doing) from day 1, to optimise their recovery and speed them back to play.

We have a daily presence at School, treating pupils as they individually require, seeing them from injury/pain back to performance.

For further information about R2P School services, please click here



Fees and Payment at Cranleigh School Centre

Self-Paying: 30 minutes – £52.00

If you would like to claim on a medical insurance policy we are able to invoice your insurance company directly, providing we have been given a claim reference or pre-authorisation number within 7 days of the appointment. Insurance Company rates vary.

Physiotherapy Times

Monday 3.30 – 5.30pm (Georgina)

Tuesday 4.30 – 6.30pm (Ben)

Wednesday 4.30 – 5.30pm (Georgina)

Thursday 3.30 – 5.30pm (Glen)

Friday 4.00-5.00pm (Glen)