2022 is my 22nd year working as a physiotherapist and my experience has been primarily in advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Orthopedic rehabilitation, sports injuries, chronic pain and neuromuscular rehabilitation are few areas I have focused on. My areas of interest include the role of brain and behavioral science in pain assessment and management, attentional focus in neuromuscular rehabilitation and patient empowerment and involvement in treatment outcomes. I have credentials in manual therapy and my Master’s programme was on the science of movement focusing on understanding the dynamics between human kinetics, kinematics and the role of the brain. My research was in Motor relearning and the effects of attentional focus on gait patterns in a neuromuscular challenged population.

I believe in the ethos that you do not treat a condition but a person and that physiotherapy does not stop with relieving your pain but understanding and enhancing the ability of your body to counter the everyday challenges involved in being active and healthy.

Apart from the gratifying job of meeting people through my job as a physiotherapist, I love travelling and exploring the seemingly endless possibilities this planet has to offer. I moved to Cranleigh after having lived and worked in India, Sultanate of Oman and Canada.