Why is Nutrition Important?

A well-balanced healthy diet that provides the body with adequate and high-quality nutrients is vital for:

  • Feeling better in yourself
  • Improving recovery after exercise
  • Increasing Longevity
  • Reducing risk of many chronic lifestyle diseases
  • Lowering the impact of chronic pain
  • Reducing injury risk

There are endless benefits from ensuring your diet is best suited to you. After all, you are what you eat!

Topics we can cover in your Consultation:

  • Nutrition for Aging
  • Diets for Stronger Bones
  • Eating with Osteoarthritis
  • Help with Meal Timings
  • Weight Loss
  • Increasing Muscle Mass
  • Improving Exercise Tolerance

About Ben:

My background is originally in Personal Training, which I began aged 18. After a year of working I decided to study Physiotherapy which I graduated from in 2017.

My interests were always focussed around my main sport, preparing for and competing in bodybuilding competitions, which sparked my passion for Nutrition. This meant whilst studying Physiotherapy, I was constantly doing extra research into how Nutrition could further help our patients

As a result, I returned straight back to University and in 2018 graduated with Distinction from a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition. Making me both a Chartered Physiotherapist and Registered Associate Nutritionist.

How Can I Help You?

From small strategies to improve your day-to-day eating habits, significant changes to recover from injury, prepare for a return to sport or lose some excess weight and lower the pressure on your joints – I can help.

What to Expect:

During our time, I will ask you about your; current eating habits, any issues you are currently struggling with and any dietary allergies/preferences that you have.

Together, we will set goals applicable to you and decide upon an action plan to reach them.

Consultation Info

Time: 45 minutes

Price: £70

Appointments available in Cranleigh, Dorking or Horsham