What is Clinical Pilates?

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise that is focussed on improving core stability and posture.

Our Clinical Pilates classes are run by Claire Soames, a degree level Sports Therapist and APPI trained pilates instructor, and Lindsay Pringle, Karen Love, Clare Wood and Helen Roberts, who are Chartered Physiotherapists and APPI trained pilates instructors.

These mat based exercises can be particularly beneficial for patients with back and neck pain, and also those returning to normal hobbies and activities following an injury.

Regular pilates, alongside an active and healthy lifestyle, can help to improve flexibility, strength and posture, which in turn can help to prevent back injury.

Class Information

We run small, mixed ability classes with a maximum of 8 participants to ensure that the correct guidance and individual attention is given to everyone in the class. This allows our instructors to ensure that the exercises are being completed correctly, and if necessary adapt the exercise to suit an individual.

Classes are run in terms of 5 or 6 weeks, with dates arranged and bookings made in advance for a term of pilates classes. Unfortunately, due to the small class sizes and individual places allocated, no refund is possible for any missed sessions.

Prior to joining a pilates class you will have a 1:1 session with the instructor here in the clinic. In this session you will cover the basic exercises and techniques. This session also allows our instructors to find out about any injuries you may have, enabling them to adapt the exercises in the class for you as necessary


We are able to offer Clinical Pilates in the Studio at Cranfold in Cranleigh, Southwater Leisure Centre and The Green Room in Dorking

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