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“I just wanted to thank you, Glen, for all your help, advice and encouragement. I am delighted with my progress considering that 8 weeks ago it was agony to walk from your car park to your office and now I am back living a normal life and have even returned to Body Pump.

I was particularly impressed with our early consultation where you took time and interest to fully understand my problem and then devised a progressive program to target and eliminate the cause by strengthening and training the surrounding areas.

Even though it was uncomfortable at first I enjoyed the very specific exercises which I could feel working. Thanks for explain and demonstrating them so clearly and the e-mailed instructions really helped as an aide-memoire.

I intend to build the exercises into my everyday life to try and avoid a reoccurrence of the problem. If I ever need help or advice again I won’t hesitate to contact you.”

Mrs J M

“I have been treated by Kathryn Neve for a number running related injuries. Not only is Kathryn an expert at identifying the root cause of an injury but she is also skilled at developing treatment plans which have the patient’s needs at their centre. Kathryn has kept me going when I thought I would have to give up on my fitness goals and she always has a positive, yet through attitude. Kathryn is a great listener and very empathetic towards her patients. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Mrs M

“Having suffered with back pain and latterly foot pain, I was fortunate enough to receive myofascial release with Sue Clarke. Sue is really adept at assessing the whole body, understanding where the tensions are and releasing them to realign the body. She has an incredibly insightful approach and is full of encouragement and tips to help to keep your body pain free. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Mrs A

“Today, due to having to isolate, my scheduled Face to Face
appointment with Ben, was seamlessly switched to a Video appointment.
I was pleasantly surprised at just how effectively this worked.  Ben
was able to skillfully assess, observe and analyse my progress, as
well as set me fresh exercises to work on.  It truly felt little
different to going in to see him.  In fact I was quite exhausted by
the end of the session! All being well, our next session will be Face
to Face but I have discovered that the Video Appointment works to a
similarly high standard and I would definitely recommend it as a very
positive way of maintaining continuity and crucially for me, moving
forward and progressing.”

Mr P

“Thank you very much for my excellent, informative consultation and for sending me these muscle strengthening exercises. Already I am experiencing a marked improvement in my mobility and reduction in any pain or discomfort. I am focusing, as you advise, on avoiding movements that could involve a twisting action. I very much appreciated our consultation, which I found extremely helpful in guiding me towards the most effective route to recovery. With my sincere thanks for your kind assistance.”


“I reached out to Ben when knee pain was holding me back from my training. We met online, I was really impressed with how much Ben could help me without actually being there in person. I’ve now been able to fix the pain I was suffering with and get back to training. I will be using Ben’s services online in the future as I actively compete in Thailand and value Ben’s help massively.“

Mr J B

“I would just like to say how very much I was helped by my online sessions with Ben.  I’m sure it’s not easy to give exercises to a patient on a zoom call but he made it all seem uncomplicated and followed up with short video films which made it easier to remember.  I will certainly use your practice again when I need to.”

Mrs S J

“I’ve just completed a course of treatment with Amy Barton, at your Horsham centre. I can’t praise both her and reception enough for the relaxed, yet efficient and confident service. Amy was a delight, giving me physical massage and ultrasound treatment over a couple of months, whilst also demonstrating, then emailing me numerous exercises to be carried out at home on a daily basis. As a result I can now walk normally again but, just as importantly play golf without strong painkillers.
Thank you so much – I’ll have no hesitation in recommending the team whenever appropriate!”

Mr T

“I had physio for the first time with Cranfold last week with Megan in Dorking. I found her very professional and knowledgeable in her work and the result within a couple of days was amazing which took me out of a lot of pain. My experience so far can only be described as excellent.”

Mrs J W

I had a new hip and as a result I needed to be stronger and more mobile. Having always done Pilates I decided the new Strength & Balance course Cranfold was running was perfect. Camilla did an excellent job, and my balance and co-ordination have greatly improved. I urge anyone who needs to take more care with their exercise to join Camilla. An hour well spent.”

Mrs R

“I have been coming to the Move & Flow class since it started and I really enjoy it.  I find it relaxing and fun.  Having just been through Chemotherapy, I needed to get fit again and I do feel this is helping me greatly. I certainly recommend it.”

Mrs S H K-R

“I would much appreciate it if you can please extend my warm thanks to Lisa Batchelor who saw me with my sore shoulder for the first time today. She gave me a lovely genuine welcome and her gentle massaging of my back and left shoulder have really made me feel well on the way to recovery.
The whole experience of visiting your clinic was a pleasure. The reception team were very welcoming too.”