Back Care Leaflet p1

September brings the start of a new academic year and most of us will be getting everything prepared for the new term ahead, buying new pencil cases, sewing names in to uniform etc. However, with the instances of back pain in school-aged children on the rise, take time to consider the following information to help keep them injury free. View Leaflet PDF >

Back Care Leaflet p2

Physical treatments – such as physiotherapy may be beneficial by providing advice on coping strategies, posture and heat/ice, along with massage, gentle mobilisations, electrotherapy and a simple programme of exercises to follow to help you return to full function and to help prevent a reoccurrence. View Leaflet PDF >

Common Foot Problems Leaflet

Common Foot problems and How to treat. View Leaflet PDF >

Cycling Stretches & Exercise Leaflet

Cycling season is amongst us and nestled in the heart of the Surrey hills is a Mecca for all cyclists whether on-road or off-road. Don’t let your cycling be hindered this season by niggling injuries. Pop in for an assessment. View Leaflet PDF >

Football Injuries in Children leaflet

Sports injuries in children can be very different to those in adults, as the unique growing tissue in children is more vulnerable at peak stages of growth. View Leaflet PDF >

Gardening Injury Prevention Leaflet p1

Now that the better weather is beginning to arrive, many of us are feeling inspired to get out into the garden and start digging! Here are a few physio tips to help avoid some common injuries. View Leaflet PDF >

Gardening Injury Prevention Leaflet p2

Sometimes a little planning and a slight change in the way you have been used to doing things can make a world of difference to how much you enjoy your gardening – and I promise you the plants won’t mind! View Leaflet PDF >

Golf Injury Leaflet

Common Injuries and How to Prevent Them. Stretching Exercises that can be used as part of your warm up. View Leaflet PDF >

Knee Condition Leaflet

Common Knee Conditions and How Physiotherapy Can Help. View Leaflet PDF >

Running Common Injury leaflet

Common Injuries: How to Prevent and Treat them plus Stretches for Runners. View Leaflet PDF >

Shoulder Leaflet

The shoulder is a truly marvellous joint. It has massive flexibility, allowing the precise placement of the hand in almost any position that our trunk does not get in the way of, and yet is also incredibly strong, allowing the whole body weight to be either hung from or supported by the hands. View Leaflet PDF >

Stretching Leaflet

For many of us, stretching is something we know we should do, but we are not always sure when or how best to do so. View Leaflet PDF >

Swimming Injury and Prevention Leaflet

An introduction to common swimming injuries together with some suggested exercises to include in your warm-up. View Leaflet PDF >

Tennis Elbow Leaflet

Your guide to the signs and symptoms of tennis elbow and how it can be treated and prevented. View Leaflet PDF >

Walking Injuries and Stretches Leaflet

Common Injuries: How to Prevent and Treat them plus Stretches for Walkers. View Leaflet PDF >