We have an experienced team of physiotherapists all of whom are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are registered with the Health Professions Council. 

Your first physiotherapy appointment will usually be for 45 minutes. It will include:

A full history taking of your current condition.

Your past medical history (please bring a list of any prescribed medication with you)

A brief discussion about the type of work/hobbies/activities you do

You will then be examined, and the therapist may undertake some relevant tests and palpation of the affected area as well as the joints above and below it.

This may require you to remove some of your outer clothes including shirts/t-shirts and trousers.

Please bring shorts for any hip/leg or foot and ankle pain.

A vest type top is suitable for neck and shoulder assessments and loose fitting trousers/tracksuit bottoms are suitable for mid and lower back assessments.

Following the assessment, the physio will explain your condition and a treatment plan will be formulated and discussed with you.

Your treatment will usually begin on the first visit: this may include manual treatments (such as massage, joint mobilisations, stretching), advice and home exercises (which we encourage you to do, to get the most out of your sessions). If you there are any treatment techniques you wish to have included in your treatment plan or that you have found successful in the past please advise your therapist at your first appointment so that they can either include them in your sessions or explain why they are not appropriate for your current condition.

Follow up visits are normally for 30 minutes. The physio will reassess your progress and continue the treatment as indicated.

At Cranfold Physical Therapy Centre, we understand that all patients are individuals, but the average number of visits for a course of physiotherapy with us is 4-5.

Home Visits

These can be arranged if a patient is unable to visit us at the practice.

Allow up to 45 minutes for visits.

Most insurance companies are unable to cover home visits.

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