This is aimed at anybody who has an area of dysfunction in the soft tissues of their body. Treatment is focused on tight and tender tissues and incorporated into a whole area massage.

This can be particularly useful for injury treatment, overuse syndrome, tired or weak muscles, or postural problems.

It is also an ideal therapy for those requiring a firm but relaxing massage in a therapeutic atmosphere.

Techniques used aim to realign muscle fibre, mobilise joints, release areas of chronic tension and strengthen and balance the muscles.

Remedial Massage can be used for:

  • Deep tissue relaxation
  • Stiff and aching muscles
  • Injury treatment
  • Chronic muscle tightness
  • Postural problems
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Muscle imbalance


My monthly sessions have been a real help in keeping my neck muscles free from tension and so reduce headaches”

“Nicola has a lovely balance of talking and quiet concentration on the task in hand! Great therapist”

“Brilliant hands!”