In the final week of the course Ben shows you some more progressions you can make to challenge yourself a little bit more.
In week 4 Ben progresses the exercises a bit more to get you working your muscles.
Ben leads you through another exercise session designed to strengthen your hips and knees
In week 2 of the course Ben progresses the exercises slightly.
In week 1 of the course Ben starts a gentle level, working the muscles around your hips and knees.
Esther leads you through the exercise programme and focuses on the squat in more detail.
Week 2 of the Back School Course focuses on Pelvic Tilts and Knee-Rocking in more detail.
In the final week of the course Esther gives you hints and tips on how to manage your back pain.
In week 4 Esther goes into more detail on the Cat Cow stretch and the Bird Dog exercise.
In week 3 Esther focuses on the bridge exercise in more detail.
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