£5.00 / month with a 7-day free trial

If you’ve never done Pilates before, not for a long time, or have specific needs and want to start with learning correct Pilates technique – this is the one for you.

As you may be new to Pilates, when you purchase this membership level we have also included our Introduction to Pilates course (RRP £70) free. This 6 week course gives you a weekly tutorial which takes you from a complete novice to a confident Pilates member.

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Easy Membership

Please watch this trailer to see if our Easy Online Pilates Membership is right for you.

Who Is This Course Suitable For?

Our classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, however, you should be medically fit and have your doctor’s consent to exercise.

You need to be able to:

  • Stand unsupported
  • Get on and off of the floor without any problems
  • Move between a lying position, side lying and on all fours

For those with more specialist requirements, we recommend you contact us by phone or email to discuss how we can best help you achieve your own goals safely and effectively.

We would recommend that you contact us if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • In the last 12 weeks you have had surgery, a joint replacement or a bone fracture/break
  • If you are currently pregnant or you have given birth in the last 6 weeks
  • If you have sciatica or arm nerve pain
  • If you have Osteoporosis

What’s Included?

  • A full library of 60 minute ability specific physio-led Pilates classes updated monthly
  • Additional mixed ability classes
  • Further additional classes to try something new (e.g. yoga stretch)
  • Short tutorials which go through tricky Pilates exercises in more detail
  • Challenges that can be unlocked as you progress through your Pilates Membership

On purchasing the Beginner Pilates Membership you also get given access to Cranfold’s Introduction to Pilates Course for FREE.  This 6 week course will guide you through the basic Pilates exercises so that by the end of it you are ready to join in with your weekly class.

This Online Pilates Membership only costs £5 a month.
There is no sign-up fee and you can stop your membership at any time.

Ben Steele-Turner

Chartered Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor

Glen Lewis

Chartered Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this membership cost?

  • This Online Pilates Membership only costs £5 a month, and for that price you get a huge number of benefits.

Why should I do a one to one induction?

  • As we are physiotherapists we would strongly recommend that you book a one to one induction
  • This gives you an individual session with a Pilates instructor where they can go over the basic Pilates exercises with you, giving corrections where necessary, and discuss any pre-existing health conditions you have which may effect your exercise needs.

Can I do my induction in person?

  • Absolutely! We can offer an individual induction as an online video consultation or as an in-clinic induction. The choice is yours.

What makes this Pilates membership clinical?

  • All of our Pilates instructors are chartered physiotherapists. Their greater understanding of the body and your individual conditions allows them to tailor Pilates classes which are suitable for all.

What do I do if I have questions for the instructor?

  • Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

What if I’ve done Pilates for a while but I’m not at an Intermediate level, am I still a beginner?

  • Yes. Our beginner membership is aimed at those who are doing exercises at a “beginner” level. You can stay at this membership level for as long as you would like. There is no pressure to progress to intermediate if that is not appropriate for your needs.
  • You can move between membership levels freely. So, if you feel as though you are ready to progress and you meet the requirements of our Intermediate membership then please feel free to progress to the next level. And if at a later point you wish to change membership again then that’s fine!
  • If you are at all unsure as to which level is best for you, please book a one to one session with one of our therapists.

Do I need any equipment to join in with the classes?

  • We would recommend that you have the following equipment at home:
    • A mat (or comfortable carpet which you are happy to do exercises on)
    • A head block (if you don’t have one of these a book or folded up towel works just as well)
    • A soft Pilates ball (if you don’t have one of these a cushion can often be used instead)
    • A piece of resistance band (if you don’t have a piece of resistance band you can often substitute in weights/tins to add some resistance to your exercises)
    • Hand weights, either 0.5KG or 1KG (if you don’t have these you can use tins to add some weight to your exercises)
  • You can purchase these items through our website, either as individual items or as a bundle for greater discounts.
  • Click here to be taken to our equipment page.