Sue qualified as a physiotherapist in 1993 and worked in the NHS and private practice. She first undertook training in Pilates in the early 2000’s and has continued to practice for herself for many years. She recently went back to study teaching Pilates with APPI and has successfully become a certified Matwork teacher.

While working as a physiotherapist Sue developed a keen interest in work related injuries and how to prevent them. This interest lead to her completing an MSc in Ergonomics, studying how we interact with our working environment, the effect this has on the body and how changes can positively affect our health and productivity. She worked in the field of ergonomics for over 16 years providing advice to a range of individuals and business, from helping office workers be more comfortable at work through to preventing injuries in a chocolate factory.

Sue is now teaching small group Pilates classes for Cranfold. Her classes should leave you feeling taller, stronger and more flexible.