I qualified in 1991 from Cambridge School of Physiotherapy, and then worked in the London hospitals covering a wide range of specialities. After a few years I travelled to New Zealand and Australia working in a local practice near one of the ski areas, and subsequently Sydney.

On my return I gained my Masters in 1998 from UCL, going on to work in the NHS and private practice including Cranfold. We moved to the US in 2007  where I initially enjoyed having more time with our 3 small children. Once everyone started school, I gained my licence to work in the US and have enjoyed being part of an out-patient clinic since.

I enjoy working with all types of injuries and as a recreational athlete myself understand the trials of keeping fit with a body that doesn’t heal/bounce back quite as quickly as it used to!!

I moved back to the UK in 2014, joined Cranfold again and have undertaken training courses with the APPI and am enjoying teaching Clinical Pilates.