Hello, I’m Kathryn, and I have been working at Cranfold since its opening in 1999.

After training in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and gaining my physiotherapy qualification in 1990, I worked initially at St. James’ University Hospital, Leeds before gradually heading back to the South.
I studied under the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine prior to heading off to spend a year working as a physio in the USA.
I settled in the Cranleigh area in 1994, working in a variety of private practices locally until joining Cranfold when it started in 1999.

I am interested in all aspects of musculoskeletal medicine, particularly rehabilitation following trauma and the spinal problems common to us today, and am very grateful to still enjoy treating, getting to know, and working alongside my patients.
I have used acupuncture for a great number of years now and continue to be delighted in seeing how it can be of huge benefit for many conditions.

Following a background in martial arts I have long been interested in Tai Chi. Latterly, I have had chance to study it and recognise it complements so much of what we do in physiotherapy. I enjoy delivering a weekly class that encompasses balance, posture, relaxation and the Tai Chi principles.

Outside of work you may find me swimming, cycling and generally keeping fit, or following my love of music, and, of course, being with my family.